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Sure Holidays Bring Joy... (But There Might Be a Bag of Planter's Kettle-Roasted, Extra-Crunchy, HoneyBBQ Flavored Disappointment Awaiting You Too!)

I shouldn't complain really. It's a small thing, after all. I mean, I did get some great gifts from my family. More importantly, we spent time together, playing ping pong, darts, card games (Phase Ten, German version! Or "Phase Zehn") all of which is really what makes the holidays enjoyable for me. So I'm not complaining. Just a little bit disappointed.

Why, you ask? Let me explain. Since our family agreed not to go overboard with gifts, we each focused on one "nice" gift for each family member and then added some "supplemental" gifts, along the same lines as stocking stuffers. Fun stuff that doesn't cost much, but adds to the festivities. Though it sounds cliche', I really am one of those people who would be happy just watching my kids open their gifts. I don't really need anything, and I certainly don't want my kids spending their hard-earned money on me.

Anyway, as we were "wrapping up" the opening of the gifts, I noticed that I had one rather oddly shaped gift remaining. I opened the wrapping paper and saw that it was a foil bag of Planter's Peanuts. But not just any Planter's Peanuts! These were Kettle-Roasted Planter's Peanuts! Not only that, they were Extra Cruncy Honey BBQ! I mean, wow!

Even that doesn't say it all... attached to the front of the package was a small brightly-colored square of something... perhaps a coupon for money off of the next purchase. But it was more, much more! It was an announcement for a contest! Yes! A contest! Not just any contest either! A contest to WIN(!!!) a seat at a Poker Tournament! How about that! A contest to WIN(!!!) a seat at a contest!

Now I'm not particularly experienced at poker. I was able to get cartoon lady in a late 80's version of strip poker to actually take it all off once, but that's only because I figured out a trick that made it much easier to win a hand. To this day I can't really tell you for certain whether a flush beats a straight. I'm not even sure what a flush is, to be honest. But think about it... a chance to sit down at a poker table and play with the world's best players! It doesn't say whether they give you money to play with... it seems like that might be kind of helpful. But they do give you airfare out there... round-trip even! AND a room in a hotel for 3 nights! AND transportation between the hotel and the airport while you're there! Wowee! What more could you want!

Of course, just because you enter a contest for a seat at a poker tournament doesn't mean you'll win a seat a poker tournament! Even I realize that. But supposing you did actually win a seat at a poker tournament! Imagine! Then... well... you'd just have to go about the task of winning the poker tournament. (Much simpler, I imagine, since there can't be as many poker players at the tournament as there are people eating Planter's Peanuts!)

It was silly of me, I realize, fora few brief moments I allowed myself to dream about sitting around a poker table--amid some of the best players in the world--trying to advance through the tournament and--using my home equity line of credit, I suppose--risking everything to take advantage of this glorious contest opportunity. I would even enhance my odds by buying one of those "Hoyle's Rules of Card Games" books ahead of time. (I'm pretty good at "cramming" for tests.)

So there it was, the opportunity of a lifetime, and on a foil bag of peanuts of all places! Who would've believed it!

But, alas, it was not to be... I read the microscopic fine print and noticed the the dates for entry were June 2 - September 30...2008 ! *Sigh*

Just like that, my dreams were gone! As quickly as they had arrived, they evaporated. First the economy nose-dives, and then this! But I will endure. I'll be strong. Maybe I'll practice my poker skills in the meantime just in case they do another contest next year! We may even still have equity in the house then... iffy, but there's a chance.

Lessee... twos are lower than threes, but ones are higher than twos OR threes... Wow! I didn't see THAT coming!

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