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Moving the Web Development Blog

As some of you have heard, I'm leaving Case Western Reserve University Marketing and Communications, and will be doing freelance Web design and consulting. As part of this transition I'm moving my Web Development blog to a new location at http://www.heidicool.com/blog/.

The old blog has been around for a few years, so it will be interesting to see how long it takes to… Continue

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Sour Dough French Toast with Orange Lime syrup

French Toast Ingredients:

5 slices sour dough bread

2 eggs

1/2 cup (maybe more) milk

1 tsp sherry

Syrup Ingredients

Juice of 1 Orange or Tangelo

Juice of 1/2 lime

equivalent amount sugar

For Frying:

2-3 tbs Canola Oil

1 pat butter

Picture set with step-by-step cooking instructions on… Continue

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Plinky - A Web 2.0 service akin to !blogkitten's QOTD

As though I'm not spread thinly enough across the InterWebs, I recently joined Plinky - http://www.plinky.com/people/cool.

From their site: "Plinky makes it easy for you to create inspired content. Every day we provide a prompt (i.e. a question or challenge) and you answer. We make it simple to add rich media and share your answers on… Continue

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“Bubbilicious,” Rex The Dog.

Cool stop animation video using paper - from http://www.beaucoupkevin.com/blog/bubbilicious-rex-the-dog/2009/01/16/.

Bubblicious from Rex The Dog on… Continue

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Guest Interview with Heidi Cool: How a University Experiments with Social Media

In case you've not heard enough of my babbling I was featured in an interview on AriWriter: Strategies and tips on social media and online marketing today.

Here's the full article.…


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Mktg 101: I don't profess to be a social media expert, but this is not targeted marketing.

I'm not always clear on why people follow me on Twitter. Frankly my Tweets aren't that fascinating, so if you don't know me or my friends, aren't into the Web, mktg, or some other core interest of mine, I may not understand why the request came in.

But today I received an illogical request for which I could make a connection, albeit a tenuous one. I received an e-mail saying http://twitter.com/CollarTraining was now following me.… Continue

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Devolve Me

In celebration of the Year of Darwin the Open University (UK) has provided this fun exercise on their Darwin site.

"Ready to journey back in time? Use our fun tool to see yourself as you would have looked as an early human. When you've finished, why not share the results with a friend?

Upload your photo and see yourself travel back through the evolutionary timeline... it's not an exact science but it is a lot of… Continue

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Stephen Fry - The Letter - Video

Mark's post on "Celebrities on Twitter: The good, the bad and the illiterate [Telegraph UK]" gave me a hankering for a a taste of Stephen Fry, so I present you with this dramatic reading which he offers a unique retelling of the Dracula story rife more with wordplay than wooden… Continue

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Where have you been spending your time after Pownce?

Now that we're a few weeks into the Pownce diaspora I was wondering where people have been settling in. I know some are on Vox and Soup, many are on Topixz beta, we're trying http://www.schmownce.com/ (I'm username cool there) and so forth. I've also had a lot more Pownce friends connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. But does anyone have a primary home?

I try to spend a lot of time here, esp. as I'm pulling content from elsewhere into some… Continue

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Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup (last night's dinner)

Having spent too much time reading Nick's updates on his holiday food extravaganza I was in the mood for something yummy. Of course I also wanted something easy. And this is.


3 cups water

3 tsp Lobster (or chicken) flavor Better than Bouillon

(If you have some good shrimp, lobster or chicken stock use that instead)

1 tsp (or more to suit your… Continue

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Backtype: Keep track of your comments as well as the people you want to follow

I just joined BackType today, and it looks like a very useful tool for social media. I'm http://www.backtype.com/cool.

"BackType is a service that lets you find, follow and share comments from across the web. Whenever you fill out the "Website" or "URL" field in a comment form when you publish a comment on a blog or other website, BackType attributes it to you. We give comment authors a profile featuring… Continue

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What is everyone doing for New Year's Eve?

I am going to a party at a friends and spending the night so I don't have to be out on the roads with all of the crazy party people. I'm bring red wine and the semi-crustless quiche with bacon, pancetta and Emmental cheese.

Now I just have to decide whether to show up promptly at 7 to get a good parking spot or to arrive a wee bit later. I guess it will be a good chance to test the GPS gizmo again. How much… Continue

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Social Media is People (but more enriching than Soylent Green)

I just finished my latest blog post, Social Media is People (but more enriching than Soylent Green), in which I reflected on some recent experiences in social media including the Cleveland Social Media Club and the demise of Pownce. For the latter I focused mainly on the creation of Pownce Refugees and included some usage stats, in case any of you are curious.… Continue

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Web Design: Fail


Apparently these people think it's 1995 and anything that moves is cool. Don't watch if you are prone to seizures, the Flash intro induces queasiness (among other things) and hides a perfectly nice view of my fair city, Cleveland.

Then when you get inside, oh the fun begins. Marquee tags! Woo! Someone's nephew was seriously overpaid for this project. And it's brand new. I got the e-mail announcing the… Continue

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Cartoon Modern Tumblog

A sample from Amid Amidi's new Tumblog featuring nifty cartoon art from the 50's.

Added by Heidi Cool on December 27, 2008 at 8:58pm — 2 Comments

Mom got me a Garmin Nuvi 760 for Xmas

Mom mentioned yesterday that another box was on its way. It turned out to be this nüvi® 760.

Apparently it also functions as an mp3 player and handsfree phone adaptor. So I guess now I'll have to plan a road trip of more than 4 miles!

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Cutting Onions Does Not Make Me Cry Sometimes

Found on http://penflare.com/, a blog by designer Sean Farrell.

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Hot Amish Chick

I don't know why, perhaps I'm too easily amused, but Hot Amish Chick cracks me up.

"Can't sleep. Had the goat dream again. Screamed in my face, "WHY AREN'T I IN THE S-S-SAUSAGE? AREN'T I G-G-GOOD ENOUGH??" Worrisome."

"Dear Lord, please bless Father and Mother and thank you yet again for not taking a stance on passive aggression. Love to Jesus.… Continue

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Great Grandma Helen's Ring

My grandmother gave me this ring when my grandfather died. It belonged to his mother. The finger it fit was my left ring finger. So that's where I put it, and that's where it stayed.

But lately I've noticed people mistake it for a wedding ring and ask me about my husband...who doesn't exist. (Apparently I've reached an age where marriage is assumed.) So I moved it to my right hand. But it feels weird and the fit is a bit tight. I wonder how long it will take to adjust or if I'll give… Continue

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The Secrets of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World - From Wall Street Journal

"Consumers are flocking to blogs, social-networking sites and virtual worlds. And they are leaving a lot of marketers behind.

For marketers, Web 2.0 offers a remarkable new opportunity to engage consumers.

If only they knew how to do it.

That's where this article aims to help. We interviewed more than 30 executives and managers in both large and small organizations that… Continue

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