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Topixz/Social Kloud, Schmownce, Ning Spam, Pownce meet-up, etc.

I fear I've been too busy Tweeting and building Web sites and not spending enough time on the care and feeding of Pownce Refugees so here's an overall update.

1) Since the death of Social Kloud we've been trying to get more people on Schmownce. It's been up and running since shortly after Joel launched Topixz beta and seems to be pretty stable. Ajit is planning to grow the site slowly which should help prevent scalability issues.

If you've not yet joined, give it a try. It has a very Powncey feel to it. Basically I think we just need to get more users to recreate the old Pownce experience. I'm http://schmownce.com/cool. Once/if you've joined you may wish to add your Schmownce user name to your profile here, or to the discussion thread where Mark announced his.

This would be a good place to host FNPDC given that those don't work so well on Twitter, and Ning's improved chat is not as useful as it's older version.

2) It seems the spammers finally found our little network and were posting articles about moving companies in India. I've deleted these accounts. If you find any I missed, please let me know. Our site is geared towards former Powncers, and those who would have dug Pownce if they'd discovered it on time. As such we cover a variety of topics, and a bit of self-promotion is perfectly acceptable. But when a new person joins and does nothing but promote a product or service, that really falls outside the scope of our community.

3) The East Coast Pownce meet-up in Breezewood is tentatively planned for sometime in August. If you can get to Breezewood, Pa, visit and join the Breezewood '09 Pownce Meet-up group and let us know what dates would work for you and any other ideas you may have. I am not a skilled event planner so I'll admit to not being adept at getting this all together but with you're input perhaps we can make this happen.

Best to all as we continue to sally forth post Pownce. Cheers,

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